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In My Very Hungry Happy Tummy, we go on an adventure to discover the special powers of different fruits and vegetables and how important it is for us to eat them.



"My five-year-old is obsessed! The first time he read My Very Hungry Happy Tummy, he had something to say about every page, and the following day he insisted on bringing the book to the Farmer's Market with us. This children's series has something fun and educational for everyone, ranging from how food, exercise, and sleep help our bodies grow to how our smiles can positively impact ourselves and others. Each book is brief and to the point with simple rhymes and colorful illustrations. I highly recommend the entire series." - T.L. Martin


"My favorite thing [about My Very Hungry Happy Tummy] was learning the fun facts about fruits, like a banana floats! I also liked how hungry the boy was because it made me hungry too." - JJ, five years old.


"I really liked the rhyming words. I also loved the pictures and the fun facts." - Mila, eight years old.


"I liked the fun facts, and I also really liked the pictures. The pictures were really fun." - Laila, ten years old.


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